InSinkErator Badger 5 – Review

Garbage disposal is a growing concern among many homes especially if the home produces high amounts of food waste. However, due to the growing level of innovation, a new appliance meant to tackle this problem has hit the market. This is none other than the Insinkerator Badger 5. This product is not only cheaper but is ideal for light usage especially in the kitchen.
It comes in a compact and attractive design which is suitable for use especially in homes that have small spaces underneath the sinks in the kitchen. Additionally, it’s a high-performance appliance that is both functional in tandem with your needs.

It comes nicely wrapped up in a box which has the following components:
Wrenchette, Sink baffle, Quick lock sink mount, Stopper, A discharge tube that has a flange, two numbers of bolts and a gasket, Insinkerator badger 5 disposal, Installation manual, Plumber putty, Wire nuts, Power cord, Cable connector.

InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer

This appliance has an array of features that helps in fast, easy and efficient garbage disposal. They include the following;
The quick lock sink mount provides the installer with an easy and fast way of mounting the garbage disposal.
The grinding chamber comes with a 26-ounce capacity which is ideal for light usage.
The one-sate grinding technology assists in the disposal of waste foods that are usually very difficult to get rid of.

It employs a heavy duty motor, * HP Durra-drive inductions motor, which hastens the process of grinding stubborn waste.
It comes with a standby Jam-buster wrench which releases jams in the event that they occur
Finally, the Dishwasher inlet connection is a not only a quick way to hooking up the dishwasher, but an easy and efficient way as well.

Disposal foods
This product has been designed to dispose of an array of garbage ranging from chicken bones all the way to coffee grounds
It liquefies the food thus enabling it runs into the septic tank and sewage system without causing any problems.

How to Install
Installation of the Insinkerator badger 5 disposal unit is simplified by the Quick Lock Sink Mount. It only calls for you to twist the unit in its ideal place, and you are through. This makes it easier to replace the existing one with a new one.
In case of anything, you can rest assured that the user guide will come in handy.

The grinding function
Like stated above, it runs on a * HP Dura-drive induction motor at a 1725 rpm speed.
It employs a one-stage grinding technology which has a Grind Shear ring for the purpose of grinding food scraps that are stubborn.

The noise level
Despite the fact that this is not the quietest version currently, its cheaper price compensates for its noise level. However, on the onset of grinding, it’s fairly silent.

The warranty
It has a 2-year warranty period which caters for the labor service and in-home parts. It includes repair/replacement and workmanship/material defects.
* It’s fairly cheap
* Installation is easy
* It’s fairly quiet
Its housing may crack and bring about leakages